49 North Properties Inc. is a local, privately owned company run by a family whose roots run deep in the community of Abbotsford. Murray Blackham, President of 49 North Properties Inc., has operated many businesses in the Fraser Valley and is an active contributor to the community. The site of the Quarry Living Subdivision is the original site of the Blackham Sand and Gravel operation, started by his father Art Blackham more than 50 years ago, hence the name “Quarry” for the development. Having developed in the area for more than 15 years, 49 North Properties Inc. brings experience, tradition and quality to every project.

About Abbotsford


Creating relationships with builders and customers

The developer realizes the strength of building longstanding partnerships with builders and customers. We are working diligently to find the best fit with different builders that can offer you the home that you desire. The purchase of a home is not only an investment but a personal reflection on you and your family. This cannot be underestimated and we will do everything we can to find you the builder that will understand your personal needs. We will be developing this property over a few years, so understand the importance in building a quality project from the beginning. In 2003 we set a standard in the development of the first 30 homes and we will continue to strive for a beautiful, modern subdivision that will make us proud to be the developer.

For more information contact Tibor Bogdan or Tracey Blackham at 604.855.0800 or by e-mail at traceyblackham@shaw.ca  •  Landmark Reallty

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